Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Genesis 34: Dinah, a Victim

As I ponder Dinah’s story my heart is broken. How many young women and girls do we have in our life? What do they need to hear from us? Do they know they are loved? That they are valuable and precious? Have they learned that there are some environments that are not safe? Will we commit ourselves to making sure we do all we can to make sure they know our love and protection as well as their worth and value as God’s special creation?

I wonder how many girls or young women God may bring across our path that are victims or victims waiting to happen? Could we possibly be used by God to mend their broken hearts or prevent them from making grave mistakes? How far can a smile or a few choice words go? For me they were enough to completely change the direction I was going. The words’ “You are so special to God and He wants to do something special in your life” were enough to get me to seeking out this God. Once I was found by God my heart began the journey of healing.

How many women and young girls are swallowing lies from Satan? So many want to judge the way some dress, where they go or how they seductively live. What we need to understand is that many of these have swallowed the lies. They believe that they aren’t precious or valuable, that this is as good as it gets and they have no hope because this was the life they were given. They don’t know what real love is because they have never experienced it. Most have been neglected and or used all their lives.

How would Jesus respond to these? I think He would be moved to compassion and want to touch their lives and give them the hope they are so desperately crying out for. Could you possibly be His instrument of hope and healing? Let’s keep our eyes and ears open to those God places in our lives (even strangers) so that He can move us to compassion.

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