Thursday, June 28, 2007

How great is our God!

That all may see how great is our God!

Two young men changed forever because they heard the voice of God and responded with obedience and devotion.

All see how great is our God!

One young lady wanted so bad to hear the voice of God and she did. He opened her eyes to the way she had treated others and how it displeased Him and wanted more for her. She responded with I hear and will obey!

All see how great is our God!

Another young lady heard God say that the life of selflessness is for her and not the way of selfishness. She heard and she too responded with obedience.

All see how great is our God!

Yet another young lady went to her knees weeping no matter she was surrounded by 700 peers! She wanted to know for sure she was His. She wanted to walk with Him as her Lord. She arose in rededicated devotion and commitment to the Lover of her soul!

All see how great is our God!

Yet another young lady stood weeping in the midst of her peers wanting more of Him and less of her. She rededicated herself to Him. She arose with great joy that truly made her shine…she hasn’t stopped shining yet!

All see how great is our God!

Another young man confessed that He had been lax in his relationship with His God. He admitted that He hadn’t been reading His Word as he had wanted to. He recommitted to read with renewed passion!

All see how great is our God!

Yet another young man admitted He hadn’t followed the Lord in the ways He should. He recommitted to following Him closer than He had in the past.

All see how great is our God!

Another young man’s eyes were opened to how others were looking up to him and how he wanted to be a good example. He is also prayerfully considering God’s call. I’m praying for you!

All see how great is our God!

Two other young men had the time of their life. Their eyes were opened to God in ways they had never experienced before. I always saw smiles on their faces as they met each new and strange adventure!

All see how great is our God!

God orchestrated events that led me to Sherry S. who after talking to her was led to compel Allen and Dena to take her for their “Track B”. God showed up (even when Allen slept through the alarm) and gave them affirmation and much wisdom to digest!

All see how great is our God!

God orchestrated over a year ago that we would have Rhett as our Bible study host. He also gave him the Scripture two weeks before (to memorize) that he would need to share with our group when I asked him to do so without any time to prepare….God had already prepared him! God used Him to let our girls know they were beautiful and “modest is hottest!”

All see how great is our God!

The New Sanctuary committee had a goal of $50,000 in pledges and change given. They received more than that.

All see how great is our God!

This morning I was sitting under my broom tree and God spoke in His still small voice….”I’m not done with you yet, not get up and eat for the journey before you is great. He provided the manna and I am full! Overflowing!

All see how great is our God!

Over and over in the OT God said I am doing this or that so that “you shall know that I am the LORD .” That is my prayer through the journey God has for JPBC. We may know He is LORD. That all we talk to may know He is LORD. That the world looking on may know that He is LORD. This is the reason this song rang true to my heart He wants all to see how great He is. Let us not be lax in our telling and sharing how great is our God as we take this journey to our “promised land.”

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

You know how pastors always get on their sheep when they fight change? I had my own challenge today with change. This was the second year that the pastors conference had a special session for the wives. I love hearing my heroes preach, I have enjoyed sitting with my husband for a change so I had the spirit of resistance to attending the wives session. I am so glad I fought the mood!

I was blessed and challenged. The theme was Strength for the journey.

The afternoon session, we were all back together again. I was blessed to meet up with our good friends the Ryder's. The speakers, Dr. Michael Catt & Dr. James MacDonald were used by God to speak to my hungry heart.

The evening session was even better and my faith was challenged through God's messages by Dr. J. D. Grear, Dr. James Merritt & Dr. Johnny Hunt. All of this and the great music as well!!

I have been blessed and have so much to ponder, pray and confess.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SBC Pastor's Conference: Sunday, June 7, 2007

I love the Pastor's conference! It has always been a highlight of my year. A time to be challenged and renewed in my calling. I am hoping that this year will be no different. Tonight was good. I was actually moved by the message in a particular song than any of the messages. The song was, "How Great is Our God." There is a line in the song that says, "That all may see our God is great." This is my prayer for Jackson Park Baptist Church that we as His people would see and know His greatness to the extent of abundant and lavish praise of Him that others would see and know our God is great.

This reminded me of our 2nd Ladies Night Out. The heart talk was taken from the prayer of Jesus for each of us. (John 17:20-26) That night I made a commitment that I would begin to pray in agreement with Jesus' own desires for us. I hope that you too will commit with me to pray for Jackson Park (or your church) in line with Jesus' own prayer. Below I have paraphrased what Jesus desired of us and the results He desires.

1. Make us one with each others
2. Make us one with Him
3. Make us perfect (complete)
4. This side of heaven we be where Jesus
5. Let us see Jesus' glory
5. Divine love be in us
6. Christ be in us

1. That the world will know He is God
2. That the world will know He loves them

The results of Jesus' prayer being answered in our lives as a corporate body is that the world will see and know our God is great! God is so good to remind us of our commitments. Before going to bed tonight I will pray and maybe someone out there will be praying with me and Jesus.

Saturday, June 9 ,2007

Before our journey to the 2007 Southern Baptist Pastor's Conference and Convention Jon and I were blessed with a visit from Chad, Amanda and Clay. What a joy and delight for Jon and I to watch our own son as a father. He is a wonderful dad! This week has been full of memories each of us having our own favorite. Jon's is probably playing kick-ball with Clay or watching him play in the sprinkler. Chad and Amanda's is most likely will be the time alone they had with each other. Mine is definitely the night I taught Clay to see lightning bug and catch them. We ended the evening swinging together on my front porch swing. We talked till it got really dark; that's how Clay described it. Memories are worth making and remembering.