Thursday, August 28, 2008

For Erin, Brandy, Allen and Jeff and my everloving husband Jon

Why don't we just obey the minute God tells us to do something? Why do we put it off like we really didn't hear what He said? Anybody know what I am talking about? And then our so very faithful and patient God reminds us so gently what we are suppose to be my case through other people and His Word.

You see I know what I am suppose to be doing...reading, writing, studying, exhorting and teaching and yet I haven't been doing it. Yes, I admit it I have been rebellious and disobedient. I have been called by God to "give myself entirely to them..." and been half-heartedly doing so.

In the area of blogging; I just don't get why. I really don't feel like I have much to say and certainly nothing worth anyone else reading. So I have been waiting for my Father to tell me the purpose and why? I wonder how many of you know how He responded to my whys? You guessed it, "Because I said so." Sometimes we don't know why and will never know why yet trust and obey we must.

So here I am blog...about what though? I don't know. I am trusting that He will equip me to do that which He has called me to.

I will close with words from "Burn for You" that describe how I am feeling today:
So won't You move me like You used to. I want the world to know that I burn for You. I feel revived again, I am alive again!