Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have a lot of thoughts pondering in my head and want to throw them all out knowing they won't be cohesive. Sometimes just talking things out brings clarity.

This years convention has left me wanting. Wanting for what? I usually return crom the Pastor's Conference revived and energized for ministry. That is not the case this year and come to think of it, it wasn't the case last year either. The speakers were good and challenging. God spoke to me although it was not a resounding aha moment. Is familiarity bringing a yawn or is there more to it than that?

I believe with all my heart that God is wanting to do something really big in my life, the life of our church and the life of The Church. I know that prayer will be the cost for me. I mean the Daniel kind of prayer....fasting, on my face before the throne kind of praying. Not just a one time but a long time...days, weeks, months maybe years. I don't know but I think that is a cost, a heavy cost I will have to pay in order to experience and perceive God's greater and perfect will.

Back to the convention...I really enjoy the business part of the meetings. I know this might surprise a lot of you that know I hate attending church business meetings. Church meetings seem to often to get personal, angry and out of the influence of the Holy Spirit. The convention rarely is that. We worship and exhalt the name of Jesus before, during and after. The single purpose and mind is Jesus; knowing Him and making Him known. That is fun business. Respect for leaaders is always the tone.

I think that all that are Southern Baptist would seek to attend at least one national convention. I don't think you can understand what it means to carry the title without attending ans seeing the big picture. Although in recent months I have been frustrated and disturbed by some leaders in the convention and the direction the convention has gone on some issues I have hope. I also still believe that we have the greatest potention for "turning the world upside down." That is what I want to be a part of. That is what I am wanting.....longing for.

Oh Jesus, my Savior and Lord. You turned my world upside down and inside out and I am blessed and rich because of You. I want to be used by You to "turn the world upside down." It is what I desire.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Convention News

I know, I know it has been forever since I have blogged. Life in ministry is a wild hair blowing ride. I will share more about that another time but today I want to concentrate on what is going on right now....the 2009 Southern Baptist Convention and Pastor's Conference.

Let's start with the surroundings. Louisville, KY; ok but nothing really draws me here. I like old but this city seems more tired than just old. On the other hand our hotel (The Gault) is fantastic. The room is superb and we have a wonderful and large bay window that looks out onto the Ohio River. It is great to watch the sun go down over the river. Being up on the 23 floor makes the views that much more grand. Thank you Lord.

The ride to and fro the Expo is in a nice air conditioned bus; much better than the hot trolley's of New Orleans!

During the Morning session of the Pastor's Conference they have included recently a Pastor's Wives session. I really wanted to attend this year since the key note speaker is a at-a-distance mentor of mine, Mary Kassian. The theme this year was: Women of Truth. The posters included the line: We are: called, blessed, privileged But sometimes: tired, stressed, judged and our sheep can bite! I have the scars to prove it.

Mary Kassian gave us 10 Life Commitments to being Women of Truth gleaned from Titus 2:1-5.
#1. Radical Devotion: Life is all about Jesus and we are head over heels in love
#2. Sound Doctrine: Study, have convictions, stand strong and not easily swayed
#3. Family Plan: Husband and Children lover; lover of God's Family Plan
#4. Intentional Living: Self-controled; disciplined life
#5. Godly Character: Pure and holy
#6. Womanly Priorities" Busy at home, home creator
#7. Womanly Purpose: Kind, helper
#8. Womanly Disposition: Gentle, Quiet & Submissive
#9. Spiritual Mothering: Train others
#10. Display the Beauty of the Gospel: That the Word of God not be blasphememd

So how committed are you? Finding yourself weak in some ares. I wish we could just sit with a tall glass of sweet tea and discuss these.

Have to go catch the shuttle for this afternoons session...Fred Luter Jr. and Mike Huckabee...