Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To Believe or Not to Believe

To Believe God
When no one else gets it
When it means risking everything
When it means you're in mid air with nothing to catch you if you fall
When it hurts and is scarry
When it doesn't make sense

But what if I don't Believe God
I won't get Him or my promised land
I won't have anything of worth
I won't know my Daddy's power to come out of nowhere to catch me
I won't know His comfort & affirmation nor will I know courage
I won't know my God & His ways that are not like the worlds

So...I will Believe God

Monday, February 06, 2006

Respond to God's Love with Love

Could you imagine going down to the SPCA and rescuing a dog from immenant death to take him home and become your companion only to have the dog ignore you? The dog wants nothing to do with you. Everytime you want to pet him, play with and pour out you love on him he runs and hides from you. When you come in from work he hides. When he thinks you are not looking he finds his toys and wags his tail incessantly. The only time he wags his tail when you are around is when you fill his food and water bowl. Even then there are times he growls if you don't give as much as he wants. You find yourself asking, "why wouldn't he want my love, after all I saved him from sure death? Why wouldn't he want my petting, grooming and affection? I saved him so that he would be my companion, yet all he wants is what I can give him. He doesn't want me at all. After awhile, with this continued treatment what would you consider doing? For how long would you try to woo him into companionship with you?

I wonder if that is how God feels as well. He saved us from imminent death. He took us home to dwell with Him as on of His own children. He desire was for us to be His companion. He wants to pour out His love on us, to groom us to be the best we can be. He provides eternal security and all our needs. Yet, how many of us hide from Him instead of seeking Him out to pour out or love on Him? What we do is run to Him only when we are in trouble or we need something, then as soon as we get it we quickly run away again to hide. And if we don't get what we are after we accuse Him of not loving us or being unfair.