Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow & Ice

We in North Carolina have had a light dusting of snow but on top of that we have had layers of ice. With our temperatures not rising we have had no melting. Our school kids have been out of school the whole week. I can't imagine what the parents are going through right about now. All this bring back my own memories of snow and ice.

I was born with snow in my longings. Dallas rarely gets snow but she does get ice. I have many memories of ice storms in Dallas. When I was young and a ice storm hit I remember my Dad getting all excited. He would get his chains on and then load up his truck with all sorts of chains and tools. He would then sit out to go help people in trouble. Many times I would have the thrill of going with him. I saw my Dad as the local hero pulling cars out of ditches, front yards and other unwanted situations. I can recall many people wanting to give my Dad something for his services but I never saw him take it. He was all about the adventure. I love the adventures we had together as well. Adventures can bring us closer together.

Just to show you how much my Dad loved adventure if the storm wouldn't come to him he would bring it to himself. I remember Dad all excited about something one night but I had no clue what he was up to until the next morning. I awoke to a frozen wonderland in our backyard. He had decided to let the sprinkler run all night with temperatures at freezing. It was an Icecicle palace. My very own personal winter wonderland. I couldn't take my eyes off of the beauty. Some adventures are gifts from others that fill us with awe.

The biggest ice storm I can remember was the storm that ended 1978 and begun 1979. This was a big one, in more ways than one. First of all it made the whole city beautiful and thrilling. Along with the beauty came thick ice on power lines which meant that many parts of the city were without power. We we were without power for a whole week. Thankfully we had a real fireplace we could keep burning. I don't remember getting cold as a nuisance that was an adventure to me. It was not being able to use my curling iron nor electric roller that was a pain. I had to go to church and I have to have big hair. I went anyway. I am so glad I did. You see it was this Sunday I met my future husband. I was sitting in church and noticed visitors. I heard the voice of my Youth Director in my head about being friendly and welcoming to visitors that came. I was the first one of the youth to introduce myself to him. This was important because I was in a group that had many beautiful girls in it. Anyway the rest is history, and to think He fell in love with me with out my big hair! Some adventures bring great rewards.

I know he would also want everyone to know that when he met me I was a blond...really blond. I wanted to use this new product out called "Sun-In." You were just suppose to spray it on and while you were in the sun it would naturally highlight your hair. I asked my Mother for permission. I can still see the sparkle in her eyes when she said, "Oh, I have something even better than that." Will she dyed my brunette hair blond. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror to see my beautiful brunette hair with natural looking highlights, blond. My mother! Time would fail me to tell you all my mother stories. So, Jon fell in love with a blond who didn't want to be a blond. Some adventures are costly.

Back to the snow and ice. Every summer my family minus my Dad would travel to West Virginia to visit with family. They would always talk about their snow. I was thrilled when I was told we were going to go to WV for Christmas. Finally a real White Christmas. No, didn't happen. It was the first Christmas since they could remember that they didn't have snowed. It came the week after we left. Might as well tell you now. To make this Christmas even worse it was when I found out there was no SC. I can still feel the pain. I think I was around 7,8 or 9. I can remember that the adults were in the bedroom off the living room wrapping gifts and then ever once in awhile someone would come out with one that said, "To so and so, From: SC." I knew he wasn't in the room. Crushed. The next year my Dad tried to prove to me that he was real by placing newspaper down in front of our wood burning fireplace. He then put ashes on top of the newspaper. He said that SC would have to leave his boot prints if he was real. Surprise, surprise the next morning there were his bootprints. I think I played along because as much as I was crushed the year before my Dad seemed even more crushed. Sometimes our best laid out plans for adventure don't turn out the way we had hoped.

Again, back to snow and ice. I can remember a really big snow in Greensboro. It had actually caught the city by surprise. We expected some snow but not this much. It came on a Sunday and Jon had left on the church answering machine that Church was basically canceled but if there were any brave souls that needed the fellowship to come with a croc-pot and we would be there to greet them. Surprisingly a few families showed up. We worshiped, ate and then headed out together to sled. IT was such a great day in the Lord. The boys loved it as well. I can remember one time when we were also in Greensboro that the electricity had gone out in a winter storm. We got our candles going and the boys had their flashlights close by their sides. We sat in a circle around the gas logs and talked and laughed. It was for only about 15 minutes and the lights came on. I could see the sadness on the boys faces so I said quick everyone go cut out all the lights and lower the heat and let's just keep going as we were. We did and had a great family time together in the dark. Doesn't really take much for an adventure.

When we moved to the mountains of Johnstown, PA no was more excited about the possibilities of big snows than me. We had wonderful snows. I can recall many occasions of sitting in the Sanctuary and all of a sudden these huge flakes would start falling down. It was a beautiful place to worship our Lord. Living in Johnstown boys were able to learn to ice skate (Grant was especially good and went on to play hockey) go skiing but they really liked snowboarding and of course tubing. They of course were naturals at it. Me? I can remember my first experience attempting to ski. We all took a little class before going up to the bunny slope. I came down and fell. Over and over again I would fall. I finally was getting the hang of it and doing well, I might add, when up and behind me I heard someone yell, "Way to go Pam!" Dummy me thought I should acknowledge them and then wound up like a pile of spaghetti. Do you know how hard it is to maneuver those long skis? It took me what seemed like forever to unravel myself to stand up. No not for me, I will stick to tubing or even better sitting at my window with my hot chocolate and a book. Some adventures are better left to the experienced and yes less klutzy.

Snow and ice, I do love them. I think what I really love more is adventure, especially the kind of adventures that make memories with those we love. I want my life filled with adventure. Everyone of the adventures I shared above there is One who is not mentioned but oh so present, my Christ. He is the giver of snow, ice, and adventure. He has shown me much grace and favor and to Him I will be ever so grateful.

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